2K18 Farm VC

We found an easy way to grind for VC in NBA 2K18 outside of MyCareer. This method involves simulating games in MyLeague. It still works as of September 19, 2017 even after 2K released patch 1.02. Currently applicable to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch version of the game.

With this trick, you can earn around 1,000 VC or more every 2-3 minutes depending how fast your game loads. It's not a lot but it's still way faster compared to playing MyCareer games specially with the amount of cutscenes they added into it. It takes time to setup in the beginning but once you have the save file the only thing left for you to do is to repeat a few steps.

How to Farm VC in NBA 2K18

1. First thing you want to do is go to MyGM / MyLeague from NBA 2K18's main menu and start a new franchise.

2. You will be asked to choose a mode. Select MyLeague (second option). Select Current NBA Teams, Start in Regular Season and then Start Mode.

3. Choose any team/s (E.g. Golden State Warriors) and press advanced. Leave the default settings in MyLeague Automation. Select Auto-generate Rookies.

4. From the menu, go to MyLeague Settings. Set the Autosave to Off and change the Quarter Length to 12.

5. Go to Settings. Change the Game Speed to 100.

6. Go to Coach Settings and set Late-Game Fouling to Manual.

7. Go to CPU/User Sliders. Load sliders and look for 100 and 0 by dyzlyz. If you can't find it from the list, just manually change your sliders to give yourself a massive advantage over the CPU. For example, set everything to 0 under Offense and Attributes.

8. Go to Save and save the file. This is useful so we can repeat the process easily.

9. Play against the first team on the game calendar.

10. Choose Simulate with Simcast.

11. Select Simulate Game and wait until it reaches the final minute of the 4th quarter.

12. Stop the simulation just before the game ends and select Play Game - Jump in.

13. Finish the game and you should be able to earn 1,000 VC or even more.

14. Exit MyLeague and load it again from the menu. Do NOT save.

15. Repeat step 9 to 14.

Tip: Go to MyTEAM when checking your VC balance. It loads much faster compared to MyCareer.

UPDATE: After doing this a couple of times, I noticed that NBA 2K18 has some sort of limit on how much VC you can earn for a given time. When you stopped earning VC using this method, just go to MyCareer or any other game mode and come back later.

UPDATE 2: This method has been patched in the latest update. I hope you guys took advantage of it while it lasted.

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