NBA 2K16 Patch 1

The first patch for NBA 2K16 has just been released for PC users and is rolling out on Steam right now weighing in at about 87 MB. 2K Sports hasn't provided any official changelog as of yet, but we made a list below detailing all of the notable changes.

The first title update for the PC version of NBA 2K16 includes the following:
  • Fixed the missing icons above players head when using icon pass (R1/RB)
  • Addressed an issue where the game's main menu would freeze during initial loading
  • Removed the black horizontal bar that appears at the bottom of the screen after minimizing and maximizing the game
  • Improve overall performance and framerate hitches
  • Fixes for the most commonly reported crash issues

UPDATE: 2K Sports has released the official changelog for the first patch. Here are the list of changes:
  • Added support for 21:9 UltraWide monitors, multiple monitor displays, and other non-16:9 aspect ratios. 
  • Fixed an issue where frame rate could stutter (even on higher end graphics cards) in either or both of gameplay and MyPARK. 
  • Fixed a bug where playcalling icons were not appearing for some users. 
  • Resolved a driver crash on below min spec DirectX 10.0 cards, such as the NVidia 9800 GT. 
  • Optimized crowd rendering, resulting in slightly improved performance on many configurations.
  • Fixed ‘black rectangle’ artifact. 
  • Removed super sample configuration option due to driver instability. 

Note: We are currently investigating reports of commentary dropping out during gameplay. We will look to address this in our next patch. Thanks! - Ronnie2K

You must restart your Steam client to grab the latest update if it hasn’t automatically downloaded. We'll keep you updated with the newest NBA 2K16 patches as they are released.