NBA 2K15 Roster Update 03/13/15 - No Injury Roster
Kyrie Irving gets boost in the latest update after leading Cavs to OT win over Spurs.

Below are the changes for today's roster update for NBA 2K15 (March 13th). The Injury free Roster has been updated as well to reflect recent changes.

Attribute Updates

Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Kyrie Irving OVR 89 (+1) - Standing Three +2, Moving Three +2, Offensive Consistency +10
Team Color Updates
  • Celtics Pride Jersey Arm Sleeves Black. Rubberbands White
  • Grizzlies Alternate Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Navy. Socks Black
  • Kings Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Purple. Shoes White
  • Lakers Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Purple
  • Magic Home Jersey Arm Sleeves White
  • Magic Pride Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Pelicans Alternate Jersey Headbands Navy
  • Pistons Away Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Red. Rubberbands Blue. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Pistons Alternate Jersey Rubberbands Blue. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Raptors Alternate Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Black
  • Rockets Alternate Jersey Headbands Red. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Suns Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Suns Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Warriors Home Jersey Arm Sleeve/Socks/Shoes Black

Hope everyone has a great Friday! The latest roster for NBA 2K15 will be downloaded automatically as long as your PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, or PC is connected to the Internet.