NBA 2K15 PC Official Roster Update 02/24/15

Here are the notes for the February 24th roster update for NBA 2K15. All player movement, rotations, and injuries have been updated to reflect most recent games.

Team Color Updates
  • 76ers Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Red
  • Cavs Alternate Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Red. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Heat Black Tie Jersey Socks/Shoes White
  • Kings Home Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves White. Socks/Shoes Black
  • Kings Away Jersey Arm Sleeves/Socks Black. Shoes White
  • Kings Classic Away IV Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves/Shoes White
  • Knicks Away Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Orange
  • Magic Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Magic Alternate Jersey Arm Sleeves Blue
  • Pacers Classic Away V Jersey Arm Sleeves Navy. Rubberbands Yellow. Socks/Shoes White
  • Pistons Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Pistons Away Jersey Arm Sleeves Black. Rubberbands Blue
  • Pistons Alternate Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Raptors Home Jersey Arm Sleeves Black
  • Raptors Classic Away IV Jersey Headbands/Arm Sleeves Black
  • Raptors Military Night Jersey Shoes White
  • Rockets Home Jersey Headbands Red
  • Suns Home Jersey Headbands Orange. Shoes White, Orange, Purple
  • Suns Away Jersey Headbands Orange
  • Trail Blazers Home Jersey Headbands Black
  • Trail Blazers Alternate Jersey Headbands Black. Arm Sleeves/Socks/Shoes White
  • Warriors Alternate Jersey Arm Sleeves/Socks/Shoes Black

Expect more updates throughout the week! The latest roster for NBA 2K15 will be downloaded automatically as long as your PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, or PC is connected to the Internet.