NBA 2K15 - New Old Town Flyers MyPARK Revealed

2K Sports has just revealed the new park for the Old Town Flyers. They officially won the NBA 2K15 MyPARK Championship a couple of weeks ago for winning the most Rival Days across all platforms. The new park is located on an aircraft carrier.

The new MyPARK will be available tomorrow, replacing the old court and 2K has cut off access to join the affiliation for a while.

And lastly, we've just cut off band-wagoners from joining the #OldTownFlyers. No hopping over for a short while.

If you are a member of the Sunset Beach Ballers or Rivet City Rough Riders, you will need a rep level of Pro 3 or higher to travel to the new park. Congrats to the day-one Old Town Flyers, not the bandwagon jumpers.

NBA 2K15 New MyPark for Old Town Flyers

NBA 2K15 New MyPark for Old Town Flyers Screenshot

2K Park Screenshot

NBA 2K15 OT Flyers Park Chopper Screenshot

NBA 2K15 New Flyers Park Bridge Screenshot

NBA 2K15 Old Town Flyers MyPARK Aircraft

NBA 2K15 Old Town Flyers Aircraft Carrier