Download PC NBA 2K15 Roster Update 12/18/14
Russell Westbrook joins 90 OVR club.

Here are the notes for the December 18th roster update for NBA 2K15. All injuries, team lineups/rotations reflect most recent games.

Attribute Updates
  • Anthony Davis OVR 94 (0) - Standing Mid Range +4, Moving Mid Range +5
  • Russell Westbrook OVR 90 (+1) - Pass Vision +2, Shot IQ +2
Accessory Updates
  • Tony Wroten - Remove calf sleeve. Add right knee hex pad
  • KJ Mcdaniels - Change padded arm sleeve to arm sleeve
  • Furkan Aldemir - Add compression pants
  • Jabari Parker - Add both knee sleeves
  • Chris Paul - Remove both arm sleeves. Add left shoulder full arm sleeve. Add right shoulder sleeve
  • DeAndre Jordan - Change left double rubberband to single rubberband
  • Glen Davis - Change knee sleeves to hex pads
  • Matt Barnes - Change to short socks
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts - Add left mid calf sleeve
  • Kyle Korver - Remove arm sleeve
  • Kent Bazemore - Remove right arm sleeve. Add left arm sleeve. Add both rubberbands
  • Jeremy Evans - Remove both arm sleeves. Change to medium socks
  • Tim Hardaway Jr - Add left arm sleeve. Remove hex pads
  • Jordan Hill - Remove hex pad
  • Jordan Clarkson - Change to medium socks
  • Maurice Harkless - Change to medium socks
  • Devin Harris - Change hex pads to knee sleeves
  • Deron Williams - Add compression pants
  • Mason Plumlee - Change to medium double socks
  • Mirza Teletovic - Remove arm sleeve. Remove rubberband
  • Darius Morris - Add compression pants
  • CJ Miles - Change both knees away color to team color 2
  • CJ Watson - Remove knee sleeves
  • Greg Monroe - Remove left arm sleeve
  • Jodie Meeks - Change left elbow away color to white
  • Caron Butler - Remove compression pants. Add knee sleeves. Change to medium socks
  • Jason Terry - Change left elbow colors for home and away to team color 1
  • Jeremy Lamb Add compression pants
  • Mitch McGary - Add right wrist wrap. Remove both hex pads
  • Gorgui Dieng - Change to medium socks
  • Corey Brewer - Change headband logo to back
  • Andrew Wiggins - Change to medium socks
  • Zach LaVine - Remove calf sleeves. Add compression pants. Change to short socks
  • Damian Lillard - Add left rubberband. Add right double finger strap. Add both knees hex pads
  • Steph Curry - Remove compression pants. Add hex pads. Change to medium socks
  • Marcin Gortat - Change to medium long socks
  • Kevin Seraphin - Change to medium socks
Team Color Updates
  • Cavs Alternate Jersey Shoes Black
  • Celtics Pride Jersey Sleeves, Socks, and Shoes Black
  • Hornets Alternate Jersey Socks and Shoes White
  • Jazz Alternate Jersey Socks Black, Shoes Black
  • Kings Home Jersey Purple
  • Knicks Home Jersey Headbands and Sleeves Orange
  • Lakers Away Jersey Sleeves Black
  • Magic Pride Jersey Sleeves Blue, Shoes White
  • Pelicans Alternate Jersey Headbands White
  • Rockets Alternate/Away Jersey Arm Bands Red
  • Suns Away Jersey Headbands Dark Grey
  • Warriors Alternate Jersey Sleeves, Socks, and Shoes Black. Arm Bands Yellow
  • Wizards Alternate Jersey Socks and Shoes White

The latest roster for NBA 2K15 will be downloaded automatically as long as your PS4, Xbox One, or PC is connected to the Internet.