NBA 2K15 Servers Are Back Online

Earlier issues with NBA 2K15 servers have been resolved. MyPARK and other online modes should be working by now for all consoles, as well as PC. 2K Sports is also aware of the other issues and are looking to correct things. Also, you can now check the current status of game servers specific to each platform.

Per @Ronnie2K:
  • Breakthrough: everything online should be stabilizing. Please reboot and let me know.

  • Looks like we're completely back except play w/ friends on MyPARK. Sent note to team. Keep me posted, we are going to keep working.

  • NBA 2K dev will put up "Play with Friends" on Park & Last Gen servers up when there's stretch of stability. Should be soon if all goes well.

  • NBA 2K15 online should now also be normalizing for Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • People reporting throwback KD not showing up that tried to claim during online issues, fear not. We are working on that, keep you posted.

  • One more thing I am seeing after team eased mass concerns... Domination not giving rewards. Informed MyTEAM crew, keep you posted.