NBA 2K15 First Roster Update

The first roster update for NBA 2K15 will be released on Friday, October 10th, 1:00 AM Pacific time. Leftos' (NBA 2K dev) description of the update is as follows:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I highly recommend basing your draft classes and custom rosters on the first official roster update.

Two issues were reported by the community that we fixed as soon as possible:
  1. The draft pick assignment needed to be corrected and updated.
  2. Generated players had the same play-types and play initiator setting independent of position and player type.
Any rosters, draft classes and game mode saves started using the official update scheduled for release today should have both of those fixes. Unfortunately, we can't fix existing rosters, draft classes and saves retroactively.

I also recommend you to create and save locally a base draft class based on tonight's roster update, so that you can make sure that when you create a draft class in the future, it has the generated players fixes mentioned. Once you save that base draft class, you can use it as a base for a new draft class by choosing it after selecting "Create Draft Class". That will create a new copy that you can customize and save separately.

You can keep an offline copy of the official roster update (as well as any roster) by going to Options > Roster Creator > Create Roster, selecting it, and giving it a name to be saved locally with.