A few days ago, 2K Sports announced that only four players would have a 90 overall rating. Kevin Durant (95 OVR), LeBron James (? OVR), and Chris Paul (? OVR) are widely considered the top three, but the 4th player has been a bit of a mystery, with many fans speculating Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, or Russell Westbrook. It appears that Tim Duncan is the 4th player, which makes some sense. Duncan just lead the San Antonio Spurs to their 5th championship, and 2K's formula alleges to value defense and other role player qualities that Duncan continues to possess despite his declining offensive role.

NBA 2K15 Spurs Ratings Revealed

The leaked NBA 2K15 photo above reveals the rest of the team’s overall ratings:
  • 90 OVR - Tim Duncan
  • 88 OVR - Tony Parker
  • 85 OVR - Kawhi Leonard
  • 83 OVR - Manu Ginobili
  • 78 OVR - Danny Green
  • 78 OVR - Boris Diaw
  • 77 OVR - Tiago Splitter
  • 77 OVR - Patty Mills
  • 75 OVR - Marco Belinelli
  • 73 OVR - Cory Joseph
  • 73 OVR - Matt Bonner
  • 67 OVR - Jeff Ayres
  • 67 OVR - Austin Daye
Follow this link to see the list of all the NBA 2K15 player ratings that have been revealed so far: http://www.nba2k.org/2014/09/nba2k15-overall-player-ratings-list.html

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