NBA 2K15 MyLeague

Today 2K Sports released a new set of screenshots for NBA 2K15 that detail the game’s MyLEAGUE and MyGM mode. All the information and new NBA 2K15 screenshots can be seen below.

NBA 2K15 MyLeague

These MyLEAGUE screens show off the settings available to players that want to play through an NBA season. This mode offers to play both single season or an 80-year franchise for a more hardcore experience. Players will have complete control over every aspect of how their league plays out.

NBA 2K15 MyLEAGUE Settings

NBA 2K15 MyLEAGUE Selecting Teams

NBA 2K15 MyLEAGUE Home Screen

MyGM mode allows players to take full control of their digital NBA careers. The screens show off the menus general managers will be presented with for scouting reports, mock drafts, simulated game casts, player health information, and player stat progression.

NBA 2K15 MyGM Profile

NBA 2K15 MyGM Draft Express

NBA 2K15 MyGM Scouting Prospects

NBA 2K15 MyGM Simulation

NBA 2K15 MyGM Player Health

NBA 2K15 MyGM Player Development

NBA 2K15 will be available on October 7 in North America, and on October 10 internationally for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.