NBA 2K14 Indiana Pacers Jersey Mod Pack

This NBA 2K14 jersey pack updates the home, away, alternate, and warm-up uniforms of the Indiana Pacers.

NBA 2K14 Pacers Home Jersey Patch

NBA 2K14 Pacers Away Jersey Color Fix

NBA 2K14 Pacers Bench Uniform Patch

  • Real warm-up uniforms of the Pacers
  • Accurate jersey colors (navy blue, gold)
  • Fixed the font, numbers, size, placements etc.
  • Realistic jersey fabric with stitched on letters & numbers
  • HD team logos
  • Rev. 30 texture with smaller mesh holes

Filenames: ua020.iff, uh020.iff, ux020.iff
Created byTha King
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared