NBA 2K14 Charlotte Bobcats Jersey Mod Pack

NBA 2K14 jersey pack that contains all the current and classic uniforms of the Charlotte Bobcats. It includes a total of 10 modded jerseys.

Included in the patch:
  • 2013-14 Home & Away Practice
  • 2013-14 Home (white)
  • 2013-14 Away (navy)
  • 2013-14 NBA green
  • 2013-14 Racing Day (light blue)
  • Classic Home I
  • Classic Away I (orange)
  • Classic Away I Alternate (blue)
  • Classic Home II "Carolina Cougars"

Filenames: ua031.iff, ua131.iff, uay031.iff, uh031.iff, uh131.iff, r1a031.iff, r1h031.iff, r1x031.iff, r2h031.iff, r3a031.iff
Created by: GeneriC
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