NBA 2K14 Complete Christmas Jersey Patch

This patch includes 10 modded NBA 2K14 Christmas sleeved uniforms for the teams that played on Christmas Day last year.

  • Brooklyn Nets - Black
  • Chicago Bulls - Red
  • Golden State Warriors - Golden Yellow
  • Houston Rockets - Red
  • Los Angeles Clippers - Blue
  • Los Angeles Lakers - White
  • Miami Heat - Red
  • New York Knicks - Orange
  • Oklahoma City Thunder - Light Blue
  • San Antonio Spurs - Gray

  • Jersey colors are vibrant and realistic
  • Fixed the logos and design to match real adidas 'BIG Logo' Christmas Day uniforms
  • Added folds for realistic effect
Filenames: r1a024.iff, r3a018.iff, r3a023.iff, r4a006.iff, r4a010.iff, r4a014.iff, r4a025.iff, r5a003.iff, r5h015.iff, r6h029.iff
Created by: GeneriC
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