NBA 2K14 Update

The December 8th roster update for NBA 2K14 is now available. I only noticed a few changes to the ratings. Injuries are not reflected properly, as Chandler Parsons and Kobe Bryant are still injured in this roster. See yesterday's post for a complete list of injured players.

Today's ratings adjustments
  • Brandon Knight (+1 to 74)
  • Tayshaun Prince (-1 to 71)
  • Rashard Lewis (-1 to 66)
  • Timofey Mozgov (+1 to 68)
  • Matt Bonner (-1 to 57)
There are times that 2K Sports upload two rosters in a day. Let's just hope that there will be a version 2 that includes Kobe's activation. We'll keep you updated.

Download NBA 2K14 Roster Update (PC)
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