The goal of this NBA 2K14 mod is to enhance the texture quality for the generic players, which also includes your created MyCAREER player. To make it more realistic, all the textures were upscaled. The default textures have the size of 256×256 pixel values - this mod doubles the resolution pumping them up to 512×512 (same resolution that real cyberface file uses)

Double in resolution really makes an appreciable difference. Check out the screenshot below!

MyCAREER Player Next-Gen Mod for PC

- Re-textured face, arms, tattoos, and facial hair (eyebrows, mustache and beard)
- HD textures are ported from NBA2K10 (better than NBA2K14)

Filenames: createpholder.iff, pcarmtats.cdf, pcarmtats.iff, pcchest.cdf, pcchest.iff, pcface.cdf, pcface.iff, pcfacehair.cdf, pcfacehair.iff
Created by: TNeckDME
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared