NBA 2K14 Boston Celtics Jersey Patch

This jersey mod pack contains all the jerseys for current and classic Boston Celtics teams in NBA 2K14.

  • '64-'65- Home and Away
  • '85-'86 Home and Away
  • 2013-14 Home White
  • 2013-14 Away Green
  • 2013-14 Alternate
  • Saint Patrick's Day Jersey
  • Throwback Classic Home I
Filenames: ua005.iff, ua105.iff, ua552.iff, ua569.iff, uax005.iff, uh005.iff, uh105.iff, uh552.iff, uh569.iff, ux005.iff, r1h005.iff
Created by: GeneriC
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