NBA 2K14 Official Roster Update 11-7-13

New NBA 2K14 roster update went live this morning, which corrects the injury status of two players. Also, the court floor for the Sacramento Kings has been updated in-game to match their new design for the 2013-2014 NBA season.

- Updated some team rotations
- Overall rating changes (+1 & -1) applied in Nov. 5 & Nov. 6 update have been removed
- New content: King's updated court

Recovered from injury
OKC Thunder: Russell Westbrook [91]
Houston Rockets: Patrick Beverley [73]

Filenames: Roster.ROS (Saves) and downloads.mnf, englishfe.iff, f001.iff, f013.iff f016.iff, feloc.iff, frenchfe.iff, germanfe.iff, italianfe.iff, japanesefe.iff, png2301.iff, r7a015.iff, roster.iff, spanishfe.iff (Online Data)
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