NBA 2K14 Roster Update 11/15/13

2K Sports still failed to deliver an accurate roster for NBA 2K14 despite of daily updates being released. There's nothing new in the latest official roster, except for the small changes to players' attributes and team rotations.

In the past weeks, they've been applying hot (↑) and cold (↓) streaks instead of focusing on adding all the missing players. Markieff Morris, Jeff Green, Kevin Love, Michael Carter-Williams and other players who have been performing well for a number of games still haven't receive the overall ratings boost that they deserve.

This update is available for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. To get it, open the Main Menu, select ‘Features’. Next click ‘2K Share’ then ‘Download’. For PC users who doesn't have access to 2K Share, download the file below and follow the instructions included in the package.

NBA 2K14 Roster Update - 11/15/2013
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared