NBA 2K14 Milwaukee Bucks Mecca Court HD

This NBA 2K14 patch adds the official 2013-14 court of the Milwaukee Bucks this 2013-14 season, inspired by old MECCA. This is their official 2014 design but due to the court being slippery, they decided to use the old court (2012-13) in the meantime.

- Official 2013-14 court design of the Bucks.
- 4096×4096 resolution floor texture (HD)
- True court colors (green/red)

Warning: This court is only compatible in "High" Texture Quality settings. It will appear blurry if you're using Medium or Low.
Installation: Make sure to overwrite the new f001 file in your Online Data/downloads folder as well.
Note: To increase the clearness of the court, I recommend you to use the Crystal Clear ENB.
Filename: f001.iff
Created by: iamLillard
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared