NBA 2K14 Roster Update (10-3-2013)

Description: Sorry for the late update folks, I didn't notice until today that 2K Sports released a new NBA 2K14 roster via 2K Share. If your game is connected to the Internet, you can get this update by going to “Features” > “2K Share” > “Download” > “Official 2K Roster”.

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3

We will post all the details of this update including the player ratings, transactions and other changes later on.

Update: (Additional info)
• Added Aron Baynes to the San Antonio Spurs roster
• Moved Michael Beasley from Phoenix Suns to the Miami Heat roster
• Fix for the secondary team color, which affects the players' accessories.
• Fix for generated rookie ratings. Make sure that you load this roster before you start an Association or MyCareer to avoid further issues.
• Updates on player ratings includes:
- Chris Bosh (Miami Heat) +1 overall
- LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers) +1 overall
- Stephen Curry (Golden St. Warriors) -1 overall
- Paul George (Indiana Pacers) -1 overall
- Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets) -1 overall
- and many more... (sorry we couldn't list all the changes)
• Unfortunately, 2K messed up some of the team rotations and coaching profiles (all are set to "50"). I guess we should just wait for the next roster update.

The manual process of installing the roster for the NBA 2K14 PC version is pretty much the same, just like in NBA 2K13. Click HERE for a detailed tutorial.

NBA 2K14 Roster Update (10/3/2013)
Filename: Roster.ROS (Saves) and downloads.mnf, roster.iff (Online Data)
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared