NBA 2K14 Personal SweetFX Mod

Description: This is my personal SweetFX mod for NBA 2K14 PC. I tweaked the graphics settings to fit my own likings. I turned up the contrast which makes the game a little bit darker. I really like this kind of effect, and I hope you like it as well. Enjoy!

NBA 2K14 PC Graphics ENB Mod

NBA 2K14 ENBSeries Mod

Installation: Simply extract the file into NBA 2K14 game directory. I recommend NOT to use ENBSeries mods along with this SweetFX.
Filenames: d3d9.dll, d3d9.fx, dxgi.dll, dxgi.fx, injector.ini, log.log, shader.fx, SweetFX readme.txt, SweetFX_preset.txt, SweetFX_settings.txt, SweetFX (folder)
Created by: john15cariaga
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared