NBA 2K14 Custom Scoreboard Style Mod

Description: This patch adds a new scoreboard in NBA 2K14, inspired from National Rugby League (NRL) FOX Sports TV scoreboard design.

Current version: Updated to V2

V2 Features
- Added the logos for the Euroleague Teams.
- 5 New scoreboard colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Sky Blue, and Dark Blue Green.
- With the new mod installer, you can now easily switch between 5 different scoreboard colors or even revert the original files easily.
- In addition, you can also change between primary and secondary team color backgrounds.

V1 Features
- New scoreboard for 30 current NBA teams. Files for the Euroleague teams will be added later on.

In-game Previews (V1)

Filenames: newscorebug.iff and logo###.iff
Created by: exrxixxx
Download V2: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared