Description: This patch updates the uniforms of the Washington Wizards in NBA 2K14. The pack also includes an alternate uniform with fictional design, which is optional to install.

Recent Changes:
V2.0 - Detailed jerseys. Sew on lettering for names and numbers.
V1.6 - Updated the warm-ups to match the jerseys that the Wizards will be wearing for 2013–14 NBA season.

- Includes Home, Away, and Alternate.
- HD REV30 jersey textures with small mesh holes.
- Wizards' real warm-up / bench uniforms.
- True jersey colors (red, navy blue, white & gray/silver)
- Fixed the font, numbers, size, placements etc.
- High quality logos

NBA 2K14 Washington Wizards Jersey Mods

NBA 2K14 Washington Wizards Home Jersey

NBA 2K14 Washington Wizards Away Jersey

NBA 2K14 Washington Wizards Alternate Jersey

NBA 2K14 Washington Wizards Warmup Uniforms
Version 1.0

Note: There is a folder in the pack named 'Alternate', which contains the fictional alt jersey. It will replace the default road jersey since this team doesn't have an extra slot for the Alt uniform.
Filenames: uh002.iff, ua002.iff, ux002.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download V2: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared