NBA 2K14 Official Roster Update 10-25-2013

Description: A new roster update for NBA 2K14 is now available for download, accurate as of October 25, 2013. This the third official roster update from 2K Sports, but there are still some missing players. On the positive side, the colors of players' accessories have been fixed.

Platforms: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | PC

Dr. J has been added to NBA 2K14 roster

Dr. J is Back (Classic Sixers) Roster

Other Changes:
- Julius "Dr. J" Erving has been added to the 1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers historic team roster

Don't miss this update! If you don't have access to 2K Share, you can install the roster manually on NBA 2K14 PC by using the package below.

Video Tutorial:

NBA 2K14 Roster Update (10/25/2013)
Filenames: Roster.ROS (Saves) and frenchfe.iff, germanfe.iff, italianfe.iff, japanesefe.iff, png2301.iff, r7a015.iff, roster.iff, spanishfe.iff, downloads.mnf, englishfe.iff, feloc.iff (Online Data)
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