NBA 2K14 Lakers Realistic Jersey Texture Mod

Description: This NBA 2K14 patch updates the uniforms of the Los Angeles Lakers, and adds the newly revealed jersey as well.

Recent Changes:
V2.0 - New jersey fabric and stitched on jersey lettering (more detailed)
V1.7 - Darker Noche Latina jersey + new bench uniforms
V1.6 - You can now use the Hollywood Nights jersey without replacing any files, since 2K Sports already added an extra slot for the Lakers' black alternate jersey.
V1.5 - Updated the warmups to match the uniforms that the Lakers will be wearing for 2013–14 NBA season.

NBA 2K14 New Lakers' Bench Uniforms

- Includes Home, Away, Alternate, Latin Nights, and the new “Hollywood Nights” black jersey.
- High quality jersey textures with small mesh holes.
- Lakers' real warm-up / bench uniforms.
- True jersey colors (yellow/gold, purple, & white)
- Fixed the font, numbers, size, placements etc.
- HD logos

2K14 Lakers Black Alt Jersey - Hollywood Nights

NBA 2K14 LA Lakers Jerseys Mod Pack

2K14 Lakers Away Jersey (Violet)

NBA 2K14 Lakers Latin Nights Uniforms

NBA 2K14 Real Lakers Bench Uniforms
Version 1.0

Filenames: uh015.iff, ua015.iff, ux015.iffr7a015.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download V2: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared