NBA 2K14 LeBron Path to Greatness: Fantastic Journey Storyline

LeBron Path to Greatness: Fantastic Journey Summary (Spoiler Alert!)

2013–14 NBA season
- In this season, LeBron James hasn't left the Miami Heat yet.
- Allen Iverson comes back out of retirement. He leads the Philadelphia 76ers to the Eastern Conference Finals to fight against the Miami Heat.
- If you win all the regular season matches and the ECF, LeBron and the Heat will face the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 2014 NBA championship title. Game 7 of the Finals takes place in Miami.

2014–15 NBA season
- LeBron James chooses to opt out of his contract and becomes a Free Agent.
- The New York Knicks sign LeBron during the 2014 free-agency period.
- Carmelo Anthony decides to play for the Chicago Bulls after his contract expired.
- Erik Spoelstra leaves Miami and moves to Cleveland to coach the Cavaliers team.
- You play on opening night in Madison Square Garden facing the Dallas Mavericks.
- LeBron James will eventually reach the 25,000 total NBA career points.
- LeBron faces his former coach Erik Spoelstra and the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.
- LeBron faces his old teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in the Eastern Conference Finals.
- If you win against the Heat in the ECF, you fight against the L.A. Clippers in the NBA 2015 Finals.

2015–16 NBA season
- Dwight Howard and Chris Paul join forces with LeBron James in New York to form the newest "BIG 3".
- The Knicks faces the Charlotte Bobcats in their final regular NBA season game with a record of 72-9.
- Dwyane Wade has joined Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose in Chicago to create another "BIG 3".
- The Knicks have to beat the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals - Game 7.
- The Mavs have signed a great defensive player (fictional character name) to match up against LeBron James in the Finals.
- The 2016 NBA Finals Game takes place in Madison Square Garden.

Things are about to get crazy after this season...

2016–17 NBA season
- The Knicks manages to convince Kobe Bryant to come out of retirement and join LeBron, CP3, and D12 in NY.
- The Knicks face a strong Detroit Pistons team in a game on the road in Detroit.
- Apparently, the Knicks will not make it to the 2017 NBA Finals.

2017–18 NBA season
- LeBron James decides to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers to join Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.
- Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade have announced their retirement in this season.
- The Lakers has found their new franchise player (fictional character) named John Trice aka "King John" as the game calls him. This fictional player is the rival of "King James" in the last three seasons of this mode.
- Cavs' Big Three lead the team to the 2018 NBA Finals
- The Cavaliers faces the Lakers in Game 7 in Cleveland.

2018–19 NBA season
- Royce White, and Dwyane Wade who comes out of retirement joins the Cavs.
- The Cavaliers have to go against Paul George and the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, but LeBron James is injured before the Finals against the OKC.
- Here's the narrative story: LeBron is told by doctors that he can't play, but he refuses to sit and decides to play on the court. All of LeBron's supreme ratings have been decreased to extreme levels because of the fictional injury. Also, keep in mind that LeBron ages during this entire game mode so he's not at the peak of his powers throughout all 7 seasons in either story arc, regardless of health.
- NBA 2019 Finals match-up between his CAVS and an OKC team with Kevin Durant still hungry for a title. This game is one of the hardest to advance past due to LeBron's diminished skills.

2019–20 NBA season
- This is the final season for the Fantastic journey path of LeBron James.
- LeBron James returns to the place where the title-winning all started, Miami.
- The Heat add Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin to their team roster.
- The Lakers sign Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, Ryan Anderson, and Damian Lillard to join their superstar player "King John" (fictional).
- The Miami Heat must defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA 2020 Finals Game 7, which takes place in Staples Center.