NBA 2K14 To Include Dynamic Living Rosters Feature (Video)

Roster and player updates has been one of the weaknesses of the NBA2K franchise. With the return of EA Sports' NBA Live 14, and their promises to provide roster updates within an hour after every game ends, 2K Sports has come out with a new feature called "Dynamic Living Rosters". The said feature powered by Stats, Inc promises to release more frequent updates with realistic player ratings. According to Zach Timmerman, producer of NBA 2K14, when a player in the NBA goes on a hot or cold streak in real life, the game will adjust that player's ratings to reflect his true to life performance.

No details were mentioned on how often the updates will go out or whether it will fix certain issues we've encountered in NBA 2K13 such as adding new players, players' injury status updates, and reflecting NBA trades & transactions as quick as possible.