Machinima and 2K Sports conducted a live stream to discuss about what's new in NBA 2K14. They also played a regular game using the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, while doing a commentary and answering questions asked by various NBA2K fans on Twitter.

Here are some of the questions answered by Chris Manning:

Have you fixed the leaning layup issue of NBA 2K13?
- Yes, the leaning layup cheese has been fixed. You will rarely see that animation and it doesn't behave the same way as it did in the past.

Are there going to be rules such as reaching fouls in CREWS mode?
- I believe there are actually reaching fouls in this mode.

What's the difference between the current-gen and the PC version of NBA 2K14?
- The PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions are dropping October 1st. The PC version will be cheaper compared to the console version, but some of the modes such as MyTEAM and Crews are not available.

Are there any new dunk animations in this year's NBA 2K14?
- Yes, over 3000+ animations have been added in the game and it includes new dunks.

Have you improved the opposing coach AI when calling timeouts, substitutions, etc?
- Yes, I think so. Lots of the stuff from the gameplay perspective specifically the AI has been addressed.

Any new celebrities in the crowd in NBA 2K14?
- No Justin Bieber or any celebs in the crowd this year.

Any new legends or old school teams added?
- As far as legends go, legends and historical teams are returning this year. I can't comment about the specific classic teams included in the game. We can't spoil everything.

Is LeBron James still gonna be able to dunk on 5 guys?
- The defenses are much better this year, so good luck trying!

Any new signature celebrations this year?
- Yes, there are lot of new ones. Bench players also have tons of new reactions.

Will there be new Blacktop courts that will be played on besides the Rooftop and Rucker Park?
- Stay tuned.

Who's ready for NBA 2K14? It will be released in less than a week and you're probably as excited as we are to play the game.