NBA 2K14 Knicks vs. Lakers Full Game - 4 Quarters of Gameplay

With the release of NBA 2K14 just around the corner, Ronnie Singh (Ronnie2K) and Chris Manning (LD2K) of 2K Sports held a live broadcast on Twitch TV showing the first ever full gameplay. They were playing on Superstar/Sim using the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks while providing commentary throughout the game. Lots of new features were showcased including the pro stick control, body contact animations, blocking, dribbling, enhanced rebounding and many more.

1st quarter @3:00 | 2nd quarter @9:57 | 3rd quarter @17:53 | 4th quarter @25:30

You can watch the 40-minute premiere game reveal of NBA 2K14 current-gen (Xbox 360) above. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.