Description: Part 2 of the Summer League jersey pack. This NBA 2K13 patch replaces 20 default practice jerseys (home & away) in the game.
Feature: New Summer League uniforms for the following NBA teams: LAC, LAL, MEM, MIA, MIL, MIN, NOH, NOP, NYK, & OKC. You can choose between Hornets & Pelicans practice jerseys.

Jersey Previews
NBA 2K13 Milwaukee Bucks Practice Jersey PatchNBA 2K13 Los Angeles Clippers Practice Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Memphis Grizzlies Practice Jersey ModNBA 2K13 Miami Heat Practice Jersey Mod

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Practice Jersey ModNBA 2K13 Los Angeles Lakers Practice Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Oklahoma City Thunder Practice Jersey ModNBA 2K13 Minnesota Timberwolves Practice Jersey Mod

NBA 2K13 New Orleans Pelicans Practice Jersey ModNBA 2K13 New Orleans Hornets Practice Jersey Patch

Note: This is the part 2 of this mod. Click HERE to download the part 1.
Filenames: ua106.iff, ua108.iff, ua110.iff, ua114.iff, ua115.iff, ua124.iff, ua127.iff, uh101.iff, uh106.iff, uh108.iff, uh110.iff, uh114.iff, uh115.iff, uh124.iff, uh127.iff, ua101.iff
Created by: Pepis
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