NBA 2K13 PC Realistic ENBSeries Mod

Description: This makes the game's lighting, color, shadow, overall graphics, and other visual aspect appear more realistic. For those of you who are worrying about performance, this ENB is optimized for all systems (Low-end & High-end computers).
Feature: ENB without SweetFX
1. Make sure that the game is close.
2. Download the file and extract it using WinRAR.
3. Copy the files in NBA 2K13 game folder under Program Files > 2K Sports.
4. Start the game. Have fun!

Note: I'll be releasing a version 2 of this ENB soon, which will include an FXAA graphics enhancer and custom NBA 2K13 global.
Created by: Yenzo726
Filenames: effect.txt, enbeffect.fx, enbpalette.bmp, enbseries.ini, d3d9.dll
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared