NBA 2K13 New Orleans Pelicans Official Jerseys Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds the official uniforms of the New Orleans Pelicans for NBA season 2013-2014. It will replace the default Hornets home & away jerseys so don't forget to backup the original files.
- Pelicans' official uniform design for 2013-14
- Proper jersey font (letters and numbers)
- Jersey colors: Navy, Gold, & Red
- Includes home and road jerseys along with warm-up uniforms.

New Orleans Pelicans Jersey Design 2013-14

NBA 2K13 New Orleans Pelicans Home Jersey Patch

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NBA 2K13 Pelicans Jerseys - Jrue Holiday

NBA 2K13 Pelicans Jerseys - Anthony Davis

NBA 2K13 NOLA Pelicans Navy Blue Warmup Uniforms

NBA 2K13 NOLA Pelicans Gold Warmup Uniforms

Created by: Mr.Star
Filenames: uh011.iff and ua011.iff
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