NBA 2K13 LeBron James with XVI Mouthguard Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch contains a custom cyberface for LeBron James with XVI written on his mouthpiece.
Other versions: NBA 2K13 LeBron James Face Mods
- Custom mouth guard with "XVI" roman numeral. It represents the number (16) of wins the Heat needed to win a championship back in NBA season 2011–12.
- HD cyberface converted from NBA 2K12 mods.
- Fixed the headband accessory position.

Lebron Wearing “XVI” Mouth Guard To Represent the 16 Wins Championship

NBA 2K13 LeBron James CF with XVI Mouth Piece Patch

NBA 2K13 LeBron James Cyber Face 3D Mod

NBA 2K13 LeBron James Cyberface Mod

Created by: wilson27
Filename: png1013.iff
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