Nba 2k14 Q&a About the Euroleague Feature

Question: Will we see the Euroleague teams on all consoles (current & next-gen) as well as on PC?
Answer: Yes.

Question: You have a multi-year global partnership with 14 of the top teams from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. What is the process in getting those teams signed and are there plans on signing the rest of the teams in the League?
Answer: We have a positive relationship with the Euroleague, and after seeing the widespread support for global basketball in London last summer, we worked to complete a mutual agreement to include some of the top teams in this year’s title. We then worked directly with Euroleague to capture the authenticity of each team, per our critical standards in the NBA 2K series. We’ll explore the possibility of adding more Euroleague teams in the future.

Question: Will each team have a complete authentic roster or will a few players not be included? If the rosters are incomplete, could they all be added before release?
Answer: There are ten (10) authentic players for each playable Euroleague team in NBA 2K14.

Question: Will each Euroleague team have their own authentic Arena or will they be generic? Same question for player faces.
Answer: “There will be one Euroleague arena that will include the home team’s branding on the court and proper Euroleague court dimensions.”

Question: Euroleague teams feature a different atmosphere during their games. Will the atmosphere be different from the NBA experience? Will we hear team chants, see flares, etc.?
Answer: The Euroleague atmosphere featured in NBA 2K14 will accurately capture fans’ enthusiasm and passion for global basketball.

Question: Are those the new generic shoes seen in the screenshots?
Answer: We’ll have more to share on shoes in the coming months for NBA 2K14.

Question: Is this simply a head-to-head matchup (offline/online) type of thing or will we see it implemented into other modes, like MyPlayer, MyCareer or Association? Maybe an unannounced feature tied into this coming down the line?
Answer: Right now, the integration of Euroleague in NBA 2K14 will be a head-to-head matchup for Exhibition and Online mode.

Question: Do you have any information on D-League or Summer League?
Answer: “Not at this time.”

Question: Will we see all of the Euroleague rules implemented? What about the 3 point line? Based off of the screenshots, it appears to be inaccurate.
Answer: The Euroleague court in game will reflect the proper and authentic Euroleague court dimensions in the final product.

Question: With the addition of Euroleague, did any other teams have to be removed? We would hate to see Classic/Legend teams get removed. From what we understand, classic players were contracted from NBA 2K11 through NBA 2K13, has that been extended?
Answer: “You’ll have to stick with us for future news around classic players, but we did not remove any teams as a direct effort to shoehorn Euroleague into NBA 2K14.”

Source: Operation Sports