NBA 2K13 Updated Roster + Draft13 Rookies

Description: This is an updated roster for NBA 2K13 PC. All trades, rookies/draft picks, and other transactions were implemented in this roster, accurate as of September 5, 2013.

NBA 2K13 Round 1 Draft Picks Rookies 2013

Features: Latest team rosters + rookies, first-round & second-round draft picks, updated portraits, rookies CFs, draft classes, association modes, new team names, new team logos, updated players accessories, new coaching staffs, trades and many more.

Dwight Howard (Houston) & Josh Smith (Detroit)
Dwight Howard (from Lakers to Rockets) playing against Josh Smith (from Hawks to Pistons)

NBA 2K13 Brooklyn Nets 2013-14 Season
Brooklyn Nets: Coach - Jason Kidd. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & Jason Terry (Traded)

NBA 2K13 New Orleans Pelicans and Charlotte Hornets
New Team Names: New Orleans Pelicans (Hornets) and Charlotte Hornets (Bobcats)

NBA 2K13 Cavaliers Anthony Bennett - Round 1 Pick 1st Overall

NBA 2K13 Magic Victor Oladipo - Round 1 Pick 2nd Overall

NBA 2K13 Wizards Otto Porter - Round 1 Pick 3rd Overall

- Draft picks have been traded to reflect the correct order in 2014.
- Added 2012-13 player awards
- Added 2012-13 player stats & other missing player stats
- Added 2012-13 team stats
- Added 2013 NBA Draft Rookies from Aderitos/Alby's draft classes
- Changed 2013 NBA Draft Rookies measurables, #'s, draft info to correspond with the 2013 NBA Pre-Draft Camp
- Changed team abbreviations to recognize former Seattle Supersonics, New Jersey Nets, and Charlotte Hornets
- Added NBA (Head & Assistants) that were hired in the 2013 offseason
- Fixed coaches salaries & added additional real coaching prospects to hire
- Changed measurables of NBA players to reflect data from
- Fixed portraits
- Added the Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans
- Made post July 1st trades to reflect the NBA offseason
- Added all the new transactions
- Added and assigned the shoes pack made by Jampasir
- Made post July 1st trades to reflect the NBA offseason
- Changed schedules to accurately portray the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season
- Edited shoe colors for new players in the 2013-14 NBA season
- Added the Ultimate Jersey Pack (UJP)

Always check the links for daily updates

NBA365 Rosters: These are rosters that will be updated daily. I take special care to include all transactions and change team rotations daily.
 Free Agency Rosters - Download link [Last Update: 09-05-2013] NEW!

Association Mode: These are association mode files based off the NBA365 rosters. Due to limitations in the game, the last update was prior to the draft. I plan to release a new association mode starting at the beginning of the 2013-14 season in late July, when teams become more concrete after free agency.
 Alby's RR7.0 - Download link [Last Update: 06-25-2013]
 Medevenx's v1.1b - Download link [Last Update: 06-25-2013]

Required Files: All the files below from 1-8 are necessary. #1-3 will never be updated again. #4-6 will be updated everytime there are new updates (cyberface, logos, courts, and jerseys). Files #4 and #5 will be updated periodically to make #6 smaller.
1. Med's v1.1b Archives - Download link
2. Med's v1.1b Main Folder Files - Download link
3. Med's v1.1b Main Folder Files #2 - Download link
4. Jerseys, Logos, Floors, Portraits - Download link [Last Update: 08-08-2013] NEW!
5. Rookie Cyberface Files - Download link [Last Update: 08-08-2013] NEW!
6. Misc files & New Rookie CFs - Download link [Last Update: 08-22-2013] NEW!
7. Jampasir Shoe Pack IV - Download link [Last Update: 08-19-2013] NEW!
8. Complete Jerseys Pack - (coming soon)

Aderito Draft Classes by Aderito
Alby's RR8.1 Roster Base & Settings & Draft Classes by Alby's
Daninoz 3.0 Portraits by Daninoz, iamLillard, and JMaster12 -- Daninoz's Thread & iamLillard's
Fictional Court for Hornets by Mile23
Medevenx v1.1b Roster Base & Settings by Medevenx
Pelicans Court & Arena by Mythbuster
Pelicans Jerseys by Aristotle
TNT & New ESPN Scoreboard by janmykelg
TWC & Old ESPN Scoreboard by exrxixxx
Rookies CFs:
Draft CFs by JMaster12
More Draft CFs by IronMike
NCAA v2.0 by many authors
Pierralban fictional draft classes by Pierralban

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm having players show up headless with white arms, help!
A: Make sure you download everything under the headline "Required Files." Once you do this, you shouldn't have this problem.

Q: When I try to save the roster file, the game crashes. Why?
A: Since I've been playing 2K, custom rosters have been notorious for this. Make sure if you make changes to my files and want to save the roster, save it as something different than what the roster is currently named. You can go back and name it something else in Windows Explorer if you'd like. Do not try to overwrite your save file, it will crash your game and you will lose your changes.

Q: When I make moves inside the roster, sometimes players end up on random teams. How can I fix this?
A: I believe I fixed this bug earlier in the week when I made all situational lineups have starters only. This likely fixed association mode as well. I don't guarantee anything, however. I make the best effort I can to upload a roster every single day, so just wait and all the moves will be there in less than 24 hours...I don't miss anything!

Q: My association mode is crashing when I use NBA365 rosters, why is this?
A: I'm not totally sure, but it is probably a combination of a few odd factors. Use the association mode mod for that, for now. Expect a new release of the association mod in the third or fourth week of July.

Q: Where can I download the rookie faces?
A: For NBA365 rosters, download "Rookie CFs for NBA365." For Association mode, download "Rookie CFs for Association." When I re-release association mode late in July, you'll only have to have the NBA365 Rookie CFs.

Q: What are all the different kinds of rosters?
A: I used the great roster bases of the two major roster makers: Medevenx and Alby's. Each roster comes with a blacktop mode "BT" and a regular mode. Each roster also comes with the option to play as the Charlotte Bobcats or the Charlotte Hornets. Make sure you do not play with a "BT" roster in anything other than blacktop mode, as it will crash the game.

Q: Why can't you update the association mode now, I want to play!
A: Because free agency changes the landscape of the NBA immensely every day. Until it calms down in late July and teams have a better idea of what they'll look like next year, I will not release an association mode. My release in late July will begin at the start of the 2013-14 NBA season and will include the 2014 draft classes.
It appears that disconnecting your internet will fix the association bug with the NBA365 roster.

Note: Disconnect your game from the Internet to prevent game crashes. You can block nba2k13.exe through Windows Firewall or you can disable your Network adapters (Lan and Wireless)
Created by: Lakers92                                                             CFs by: JMaster12