NBA 2K13 ENBSeries and SweetFX Mod

Description: This is an enbseries mod and sweetfx tweak for NBA 2K13 PC. The settings included in the files combines both ENB and sweetFX post processing effects to make a unique visual enhancement for your game. This pack also provides extra SweetFX setting files that will marginally increase the graphics of the game without losing lots of FPS.

Features: Includes two versions: X ENB and Vanilla+. Both have SweetFX.

Sweetfx settings utilized:
Vibrance, Curves, SMAA, LumaSharpen, DPX, Liftgammagain, Tonemap, & Dither. I recommend SJ1414's global along with this mod.

Vanilla+ Previews

1. Extract the file and choose between Vanilla+ and X ENB
2. Copy the files (d3d9.fx, dxgi.dll, SweetFX_preset.txt, SweetFX_settings.txt, d3d9.dll, SweetFX folder, effect.txt, etc.) into NBA 2K13 main folder.
32 bit: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
3. Optional SweetFX_settings
Higher Vibrance and Contrast - Use this SweetFX_settings if you want less dull and more colors graphics.
Performance Version - Use this SweetFX_settings if you are having a large hit on your game performance.
4. Run nba2k13.exe

How to check if it's working:
1. Press Shift+F12 on your keyboard to check if the ENB is functional. This should dramatically change the shadows in the game.
2. Press the scroll lock key to check if SweetFX is working. This should be make the game brighter and sharper.

Credits to:
mlp111 - For letting me tweak his ENB mod.

For users with performance & fps issues:
Disable or reduce anti-aliasing in the game menu and disable ambient occlusion if you've activated it before.
I will also include a file that has no SMAA and other effects which that might help your performance.

To uninstall:
Just delete the following files from your game folder: d3d9sweet.dll, dxgi.dll, dxgi.fx, effect.txt, enbeffect.fx, enbpalette.bmp, enbseries.ini, injector.ini, installscript.vdf, shader.fx, SweetFX readme.txt, SweetFX_preset.txt, SweetFX_settings.txt, SweetFX, d3d9.dll, d3d9.fx

Created by: Xzisted
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared