NBA 2K13 Realistic Signature Jump Shots

Description: Here are some NBA 2K13 signature shot fixes for certain players. Applying these will make their jumpshot forms, timings, and releases accurate. Just like how they shoot in real life!

• Miami Heat
Chris Bosh: Release 68 Jump Shot 38
Dwayne Wade: S. Curry Jump Shot 35
LeBron James: L. James Jump Shot 2
Mario Chalmers: C. Anthony Jump Shot 18
Mike Miller: Release 6 Jump Shot 28
Norris Cole: Release 4 Jump Shot 32
Ray Allen: R. Allen Jump Shot 31
Shane Battier: Release 39 Jump Shot 10

• San Antonio Spurs
Danny Green: Release 7 Jump Shot 13
Tim Duncan: Release 69 Jump Shot 30
Kawhi Leonard: Release 1 Jump Shot 33

• Others
James Harden: Release 57 Jump Shot 30
Kevin Durant: K. Durant Jump Shot 17
Kyrie Irving: Release 71 T. McGrady
Paul Pierce: P. Pierce J. Kidd
Stephen Curry: Release 76 C. Paul

How to use:
Load your preferred roster then go to Options > Manage Roster > Rosters > Select a player > Choose Edit Player > Go to Signature and apply the correct shooting form and shot base listed above. Lastly, save the roster after making all the changes.

Thanks to xEvanGz for sharing these perfect shooting forms and shot releases. If you know some signature shots, feel free to share it in the comment section below.