NBA 2K13 Roster w/ Updated Accessories

Description: This is the same roster that 2K Sports uploaded (5-22-13). This is the roster that I'm currently working on. I updated all players' accessories and its colors.

NBA 2K13 Rookies Cyberface Pack

- Includes 2 roster files (w/ Injuries & w/o Injuries)
- Accurate headbands colors
- Accurate Gears
- Accurate accessories colors
- Enabled cyberface for rookies (files included)
- Shoes pack for selected NBA players
- Realistic game slider.
- Made Paul George play as SG and Lance Stephenson as SF
- CF's w/ Mouth Pieces

NBA 2K13 Shoes PackNBA 2K13 Shoes Patch Mod

Note: If you downloaded the Playoffs save files I made recently.You need to download the CF Pack with mouthpiece. In order to see that C. Bosh and the other players with mouth piece's instead of headbands. I just saw one of you commented why Chris Bosh have a headband. It's because I'm using a CF of bosh with mouthpiece.
Created by: Kent Alvin Gerald Aquino(KAG2K)
Credits to the following modders:
Mr_Frost - CF's Pack for Rookies.
Tha King - For Jerseys.
Medevenx - For Realistic Game Slider.
Homicide1550, AlphaJustice, Jampasir & MLLR - Shoes Pack.
Otakutribe, Aivin Tompong & Krizzy - CF's w/ Mouth Pieces.
Download: Mega | Mediafire