NBA 2K13 Global Mod

Description: This is an update to the version 1 of my modified global for NBA 2K13 PC. This is based on “Emerald Rose” version 4 global by SJ1414.
Previous version: NBA 2K13 Ultimate Mega Global v1

NBA 2K13 Global Skin-tone Fix PatchNBA 2K13 Global Progressive Sweat Mod

NBA 2K13 Skin Color Fix PatchNBA 2K13 Global Patches

What's new in v2? Color adjustments - Skintone fix for white and black players.
Features v1
- Choose between 3 T-shirts for MyPlayer or MyCareer: DC shirt, Air Jordan shirt, or Adidas shirt.
- Sweat mod by SeanJohn
- Derrick Rose's accessories
- Long hex-pad gears/accessory fix
- Custom casual clothes. Black pants and shirt with brand logo
Installation: Select between the three global files and copy it into NBA 2K13 folder.
32-bit: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
Filename: global.iff (x3)
Created by: Kent Alvin Gerald Aquino (KAG2K)
Credits to: Mattan for fixing the casual clothes and to SeanJohn for the base global
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared