NBA 2K13 ESPN Scoreboard 2013 V3 Mod

Description: This is an update to the latest ESPN scoreboard w/ 3D logos by janmykelg.
Previous versions: V1 and V2
V3 Features:
- Enhanced scoreboard textures & updated minor details
- Updated team logos texture
- Added "The Finals" logo on the scoreboard
1. Download and install the ESPN Presentation 3D Logos Mod
2. Install the team logos and scoreboard included in the v3 patch.
(logo000.iff - logo031.iff and newscorebug.iff)
For those who are having problems with the scoreboard
3. Install this modified .exe file
Note: You may need to delete or replace the newscorebug.iff located under NBA 2K13 Roaming folder > Online Data > downloads.
Note 2: If you're game is connected to the Internet (Online users), try blocking nba2k13.exe from accessing the internet using Windows Firewall to prevent the game from constantly updating and overriding the scoreboard mod.
Video tutorial:
Created by: Janmykelg
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared