NBA 2K13 Adidas Texture for D. RoseNBA 2K13 Melo's Calf Sleeve Style

Description: This is a custom global file for NBA 2K13 which contains different textures and features created by different modders.

NBA 2K13 Long HexpadsNBA 2K13 Black Casual Clothes

• 3D Body Edit & Sweat by Lagoa
• AC3 Shadow Mod by SeanJohn1414
• Adidas Ankle Brace by Maykol.
• Adidas Knee Pad [Padded(In Knee Sleeve)]
• Adidas Techfit Powerweb Sleeve by BBMyLove
• Adidas Texture for Derrick Rose
• Black Nike T-shirt and pants for MyPlayer & MyCareer (Casual clothes)
• Enhanced NBA Logo on Uniforms by Joejames
• Carlos Boozer's leg sleeve style
• Carmelo Anthony's calf sleeve 3D edited by Mattan
• Carmelo Anthony's calf sleeve by g0ry
• Derrick Rose's calf sleeve in striped socks (Can't put it in the padded calf sleeve since it is only 1 color) by Dmayne
• Default Arm Sleeve
• Default Jordan 3rd Half Calf Sleeve
• Default Suits
• Elbow Pad by g0ry
• Enhanced textures by TNeckDME
• Long Hexpads
• McDavid half calf sleeve by g0ry
• Musclereduction patch by Mike All Together
• Real skin tones by Michaelvlutz49
• Realistic calf sleeve
• Short sleeve by g0ry
• SJ1414 sweat effect
• Socks by g0ry
• Towel-like accessories by g0ry
• Updated padded arm sleeve by ssShareefs

Sweat Mod by SJ1414

NBA 2K13 Sweat Preview D. WadeNBA 2K13 Sweat Preview P. George

NBA 2K13 Sweat Preview L. StephensonNBA 2K13 Sweat Preview L. James

Filename: global.iff
Created by: Kent Alvin Gerald Aquino (KAG2K)
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