NBA 2K13 Med's Ultimate Roster v1.1

Updated to v1.1
v1.0d to v1.1 - June 14, 2013
• Fixed the scoreboard logo problems
• Fixed coaches black arms
• Accurate coaching changes
• Accurate player changes and potentials
• Included Jampasir's sneakers III HD pack
• Added fantasy association roster file
• Swapped Phialdelphia 76ers Alternate and Away jerseys
v1.0 to v1.0b - May 16, 2013
• Fixed Stats Glitches
• Updated Player Gear
v0.9 to v1.0 - May 15, 2013
• Updated players' ratings, gears and accessories
• Fixed player skin tones
• Updated lengths of the shorts
• Added shoes pack courtesy of Jampasir
• Added some of IamLillard's jerseys from the ultimate jersey project
• Added Gear color options
• Team name changed: Hornets converted to Pelicans
• Fixed most of the coaches height, cfs, name, and other info
• Updated NBA latest transactions
• Unlocked the All-Star teams including NBA Rising Stars Challenge
• Added 10 retro teams with courts, jerseys, & also available in Blacktop
• Rearranged team names alphabetically

NBA 2K13 All-Star Shoes Pack

NBA 2K13 All-Star Shoes Pack

NBA 2K13 All-Star Game Roster Patch

NBA 2K13 Shoes Patch

NBA 2K13 Knicks Jersey Fix (Darker Blue)

• Accurate team rotations and lineups
• Added 10 Retro NBA Teams
• Added all the missing players
• Added missing classic/retro NBA players
• Enhanced Celebrity team roster
• Fixed all current and retro coaches' information, names, cyberfaces, & vitals.
• Includes 3 roster files: 1. With Injuries 2. Without Injuries 3. Blacktop (All players available)
• Removed Acrobat signature skill for all the players
• Removed all the created players from classic teams
• Unlocked 2013 East & West All-Star teams + Rising Stars team
• Unlocked all star players for Blacktop including legends
• Updated players' weight and height including celebrities
• Updated roster transactions, salaries, and injuries
• Updated signature animations, layup and dunk packages
• Very accurate signature skills, player ratings according to Medevenx' and bigh0rt's formulated data

Team Shaq & Chuck, Classic Teams, New Orleans Pelicans

• Accurate and updated accessories, gear, and shoe designation for both current NBA teams, retro NBA teams from '02 to '85, and Team USA
• Accurate and updated matching accessory, headband, socks, and shoe colors
• Added alternate jersey slots and gear color slots
• Black pressure shorts for all current NBA players
• Changed 'New Orleans Hornets' team name to 'New Orleans Pelicans'
• Correct/Updated muscle tones, skin colors, and body types
• Implemented Jampasir's Sneaker HD Pack
• Includes Big Color / Winter Court jersey pack
• No generic shoes for all the current NBA players
• No generic shoes for retro players from '02 to '85
• Rearranged teams by name
• Ultimate jersey project courtesy of IamLilllard
• Updated NBA Logos
• Updated shorts length

NBA 2K13 Shoes Mod Pack

NBA 2K13 Shoes Patch Pack

• Coach profiles for all classic NBA teams courtesy of Slim44
• Coach profiles for all current NBA teams courtesy of Slim44
• Playbooks for all current NBA Teams courtesy of Vannwolfhawk
• Playbooks for retro teams from '02 to '84 courtesy of Vannwolfhawk
• Realistic game presentation settings
• Realistic gameplay sliders on 'Hall of Fame' difficulty
• Unlocks all NBA alternate and X-mas jerseys
• Updated play types for all players compatible with Vannwolfhawk's playbooks

- Changing the rotations of the All-Star teams affects the rotations of the other teams.

- If you want to just try out the roster and settings, you can just download the Appdata file without the Main Folder Files.  If you like it, you can proceed to download the Main Folder Files. This is only for playtesting the current NBA rosters. You will need the Main Folder Files to play the added custom teams and to take advantage of the other features of this patch.

1. What are the Archives?
- The archives are the Main Folder Files 1-5 from v0.1 to v0.9. Only download this if you have reinstalled NBA 2K13 or it is your first time to download this patch.
2. What are the Main Folder Files?
- These are the files needed in order to have no visual glitching within the game. You only have to download this once.
3. Why are the portraits wrong?
- Be sure to download the latest compatible portrait file by Larvae > Portrait Pack Patch v3
4. Why do the legends have no career data?
- Because they are only added players and not made officially made by 2K Sports.
5. Why are the jersey numbers in the wrong place?
- You downloaded a jersey patch that is not compatible with this roster's base which is Nov 10.
6. Will you add more teams?
- I will start adding more teams soon
7. When is your next release going to be?
- I don't plan my releases but I do release the newest version ASAP every time.
8. Will you add more jersey slots?
- I will start adding more jersey slots soon.
9. How can I automatically load your settings?
- Rename the 'Meds Settings' to just 'Settings'.
10. Do I have to setup my controls every settings update?
- Yes.
11. Why do some players have Generic shoes?
- Did you download the main folder files? If you already have, you may have to download the 2K Official Online Data and paste that in your Main 2K Folder > Latest NBA 2K13 Online Data
12. Why do the New Orleans Pelicans have their Hornets jerseys and court?
- The Pelicans have not revealed official images of their jerseys or courts yet.

• The sliders are set to 50 Game Speed (Game Speed changes time, not just movement. At 100 Game Speed, 1 second is almost just half a second and 0 Game Speed means almost 2 seconds per second. This will ruin your sense of time that's why you shouldn't alter this)
• Fair gameplay against the CPU (CPUs normally have greater attributes in speed, quickness, etc. These have been tweaked to be on fair playing field against the user)
• Hall of Fame difficulty (Hall of Fame is the choice of difficulty because you always want to play on the best mode possible. And the best mode is always the mode with the most challenge without too much frustration)

Real Player % on both Shooting and Free Throws (User Shot Stick Timing ruins the experience for casual gamers who do not memorize the releases of their players and it makes it unfair for players who memorize the shot releases)

Meds Roster WI
Play Exhibition with the NBA TODAY (literally) with the most updated rotations from their most recent game!

Meds Roster WOI
Play Exhibition with the NBA with all the injured players playing in their respectful realistic rotations!

Meds Roster Assoc
A roster file to start your Association/MyCareer modes!

Meds Roster Fantasy
A roster file for Fantasy players that like to do huge trades with the shoes also changing colors according to the team!

Meds Roster Blacktop
Play with the WOI Roster with all the players unlocked for Blacktop Mode!

The download links are separated into 4 packages:
• Archives - Download Link for Main Folder Files 1-5 (v0.1 - v0.9)
- Download this if you have reinstalled NBA 2K13 or it is your first time to download this patch.
• Main Folder Files - Download Link for Main Folder Files (v1.0)
- Contains shoes, cyberfaces, jerseys necessary to run the game perfectly.
• Main Folder Files 2 - Download Link for Main Folder Files (v1.1) NEW!!!
- Contains the newest update including shoes, cyberface, jerseys etc.
%Appdata% Files - Download Link for Appdata Files NEW!!!
- Contains Roster & Settings Files.

%Appdata% Files - I will update this every time so this is what you will download every update.
- Copy the roster and settings files and paste it in your NBA 2K13 Saves folder.
Main Folder Files - You will only have to download this once.
- Copy all the jerseys, shoes, cyberface, floors, logos files and paste it in your main NBA 2K13 folder. You do NOT need to re-download anything. You only have to download the newest Main Folder Files.
Note: When you paste the files OVERWRITE all the files that need to be overwritten. It will not harm your game in anyway and is required to have the roster function perfectly.
Load the Roster & Settings
- Once you've finished copying all the required files, play nba 2k13 and load the roster and settings through 'Options' » 'Load / Save' » 'Load'

• NBA 2K13 Main Folder
32-bit: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
NBA 2K13 Saves Folder
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K13\Saves
1. Press Windows Key + R on keyboard to open 'Run'
2. Type %AppData% in the input box then press enter.
3. Open 2K Sports » NBA 2K13 » Saves
Created by: Medevenx