NBA 2K13 Nike Hyperfuse Low 2012 Shoes Patch

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds the Nike Zoom Soldier VI, Nike LeBron X, and Nike Hyperfuse Low in the game. Create a backup before overwriting the files.

NBA 2K13 Nike LeBron X Shoes PatchNBA 2K13 Nike Soldier VI Shoes Patch

- Nike Zoom Soldier VI replaces the Solder IV (nshoe_fe_0107.iff & shoe_107_00.iff)
- Nike LeBron X replaces the Lebron II (nshoe_fe_0116.iff & shoe_116_00.iff)
- Nike Hyperfuse Low replaces the Kobe V  (shoe_134_00.iff & nshoe_fe_0134.iff)
Created by: Rufioo
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