NBA 2K13 Knicks Accessories Fix

Description: This is the same roster 2K Sports uploaded (5/11/13). I updated some NBA jerseys colors but all accessories are updated like they use in real life.(Example Bulls home accessories is black).

NBA 2K13 Heat and Lakers Accessories Fix

NBA 2K13 Celtics Accessories Fix

- Fixed LAL and MIA Christmas headbands colors.
- Fixed NYK Home and Away headbands and accessories colors.
- Fixed accessories colors for Home, Away, Alternate, Christmas, White Hot Jerseys and MORE.
- Accessories are same color as their jersey colors (Tha King Jerseys) except Bulls (home & away) & Raptors (away).
- Changed Bulls Home socks into black (Saw it in NBA).

NBA 2K13 Clippers Accessories Fix

NBA 2K13 Mavericks Accessories Fix

Created by: Kent Alvin Gerald Aquino (KAG2K)
Filename: Roster.ROS
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