NBA 2K13 Unlock All-Star Teams Roster

Description: PC users can finally play the allstar game with ease. This NBA 2K13 roster will permanently unlock the hidden 2013 All-Star teams, meaning you don't have to use any trainer or change the date of your computer anymore every time you want to play the all star game. All you need to do is load the custom roster and voila! Teams will be available in the quick game team menu. The modified roster adds 4 new teams in the game, which includes East All-Stars, West All-Stars, Team Shaq, and Team Chuck.

NBA 2K13 Team Shaq vs Team Chuck
Team Shaq versus Team Chuck

Notes: (Please read before asking questions. Thank you!)
- The uniforms of Team Shaq and Team Chuck (Rookie vs. Elites) are just created jerseys.
- You might need to re-load the roster from the menu every time you restart the game.
- The 2012 NBA All-Star jerseys are already available in the game by default but the 2013 jerseys aren't, so you must install this jersey patch - NBA 2K13 All-Stars 2013 Jerseys or else that jersey will appear white. (See the picture below)

NBA 2K13 White / Missing All-Star Jerseys
Missing All-Star 2013 Jerseys

Additional Mods: (Optional)
NBA 2K13 All Star Game 2013 Real Dornas
NBA 2K13 All-Star Weekend 2013 Court

1. Copy the roster file (.ROS) into NBA 2K13 Saves folder and load it from the Options > Load/Save menu.
To find your NBA 2K13 Saves folder, Type %AppData% in windows search box or in 'run' then press Enter. Open the 2K Sports folder > NBA 2K13 folder > Saves folder
2. If you're going to install the other files (jerseys & courts), download the patches first then extract it using winrar and copy the game files (mostly .iff) into NBA 2K13 game directory - C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
A quick way to find your game folder is to right click the NBA 2K13 shortcut from the desktop and select 'Open file folder'.
This roster works perfectly with PC DVD and Steam version of the game.
Filename: All Star Teams Unlocked.ROS
Download: Mediafire | Mega | Box | 4shared