NBA 2K13 Minnesota Timberwolves 2013 Jersey Patch

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 updates all the uniforms (11) of the Minnesota Timberwolves. This pack includes the following jerseys: Practice Home, Practice Away, Home, Away, Alternate, Classic Home I, Classic Away I, Classic Home II, Classic Away II, Classic Away II Alternate, and Classic Home III.

NBA 2K13 Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey Pack
NBA 2K13 T-Wolves 11 Jersey Pack

Filenames: uh127.iff, uh027.iff, ua127.iff, ua027.iff, ux027.iff, r3h027.iff, r2x027.iff, r2h027.iff, r2a027.iff, r1h027.iff, and r1a027.iff
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