NBA 2K13 Alternate Jerseys Mod Pack

NBA 2K13 Missing White Alternate Jerseys Patch

Description: This patch contains all the missing alternate jerseys in NBA 2K13 PC. It will fix the empty/white alternate jersey slot issue.
- Philadelphia 76ers Alternate (A) jersey
- Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate (A) jersey
- Los Angeles Clippers Alternate (A) jersey
- Denver Nuggets Alternate (A) jersey
- San Antonio Spurs Alternate (A) jersey
- Oklahoma City Thunder Alternate (A) jersey
- Portland Trail Blazers Alternate (A) jersey
Note: Download the latest NBA 2K13 PC roster in order to unlock these uniforms.
Installation: Extract the files in your NBA 2K13 main folder (Program Files > 2K Sports > NBA 2K13)
Credits: DavidBeckham23, 11robo11, Aristotle,
File names: ux000.iff, ux004.iff, ux006.iff, ux019.iff, ux024.iff, ux025.iff, ux028.iff
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