NBA 2K12 Custom Roster - August 11, 2012
nba 2k12 pc roster update dwight howard to los angeles lakers trade
NBA 2K12 PC Custom Roster V4.1

Installing these patches and roster will update your NBA 2K12 game to the current NBA Roster (August 11, 2012 - Saturday) and will fix the missing portraits and cyberfaces for new players including rookies. Please Follow the directions. You need to install all required patches to avoid bugs and glitches.

Changes made / NBA Updates:
- Dwight Howard to Los Angeles Lakers
- Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia 76ers
- Jermaine O'Neal to Phoenix Suns
- Jodie Meeks to LA Lakers
- Terry Stotts new headcoach of Portland Blazers
- Aaron Afflalo to Orlando Magic
- Earl Clark to LA Lakers
- Chris Duhon to LA Lakers
- Jason Richardson to Philadelphia 76ers
- Al Harrington to Orlando Magic
- Maurice Harkless to Philadelphia 76ers
- Nikola Vucevic to Orlando Magic
- Christian Eyenga to Orlando Magic
- Josh McRoberts to Orlando Magic
- Andre Iguodala to Denver Nuggets
- Updates on player portraits

Previous versions of this Custom NBA 2K12 Roster.
- DaRoster (18.7) update.rar (required)
- DaRoster(19.7) update.ROS (NOT required)
- DaRoster (24.7) update.rar (required)
- DaRoster V2.1 (27.7).rar (required)
- Missing CF's.rar (required)
- DaRoster V3 (1.8) USAB Update (required)
- DaRoster V4 (6.8) Dream Team Update (required)

- DaRoster v4.1 (11.8) Dwight Howard Update (required)

Instructions / How to install: (Please read the instructions carefully)
Download each update mentioned above and install them in order.
Make sure to install the "DaRoster v4.1 (11.8) Dwight Howard Update" last.

You need to install them in order because the portrait.iff ,portrait.cdf and all the logo files are updated and have changed in almost each version so it needs to overwrite  / replace the previous versions.
NBA 2K12 Andrew Bynum Philadelphia 76ers Trade

Andre Iguodala Denver Nuggets new roster pc nba 2k12

To fix the Rookie black arms, Download the NBA Rookie Black Arms Fix
To fix the White Shoes glitch, Download the NBA 2K12 Online Data

To find your 'Saves' folder: (Folder where install all the roster files)
•  Go to the Start Menu and click 'Run' then type in %AppData% then open 2K Sports, then NBA 2K12. You will see your 'Saves' folder.

Windows 7: You can type %AppData% in your Start Menu's search bar and press enter. It will take you to your Roaming folder and Open 2K Sports then NBA 2K12. You will see your "Saves" folder.
• Paste the Roster file in 'Saves' folder. It might ask you to overwrite the current roster, select "Copy and Replace" to overwrite the original roster.

To find your NBA 2K12 'main' folder: (Folder where install all the patches)
1. Right click NBA 2K12 desktop game shortcut.
2. Select "Properties
3. Click "Open File Location".
4. Paste the files from the patch inside the main folder.

or go to the installation directory

DVD version of NBA 2K12:
64 bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K12
32 bit - C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K12

Steam version of NBA 2K12:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\nba 2k12

Click here for more info about finding your NBA 2K12 main / game folder.
After copying all the required files, Play NBA 2K12 & load the roster file.

Download Links:
Mediafire - DaRoster (18.7) update.rar
Gamefront - DaRoster (24.7) update.rar
Mediafire - DaRoster V2.1 (27.7).rar
Gamefront - Missing CF's.rar
Gamefront - DaRoster V3 (1.8) USAB Update
Gamefront | Mediafire - DaRoster V4 (6.8) Dream Team Update
Gamefront | Mediafire - DaRoster v4.1 (11.8) Dwight Howard Update
by: davoor