NBA2K12 Ultimate Base Roster Expansion
Retro Teams +22 Teams Total

These expansion teams are made for the Ultimate Base Roster created by HAWK23, which can be downloaded and view here: Ultimate Base Roster V23

*Put them on your Saves folder. Load UBR first, then the expansion team next.
*All retro teams are made and tested with the UBR only. It is NOT guarantee to work with others.
*When you load a team they will have a generic court, but with the assign team logo or you can choose a real court by pressing Y (or whatever button you use for rebound/blocking) on the team select screen.
*Retro teams will be listed by years for easy reading and viewing.
*Any of the retro teams here could be included in the future releases of UBR if room allows it. If that happens, they will disappear from this list.


Playground Legends (V1.1)
1964-65 St. Louis Hawks
1968-69 Boston Celtics
1983-84 New Jersey Nets
1988-89 New York Knicks
1988-89 Phoenix Suns
1988-89 Golden State Warriors
1990-91 Milwaukee Bucks
1990-91 New Jersey Nets
1993-94 Chicago Bulls
1994-95 Phoenix Suns
1995-96 L.A. Lakers
1998-99 Portland Trail Blazers
2000-01 Utah Jazz
2000-01 Portland Trail Blazers
2005-06 Houston Rockets
2005-06 L.A. Lakers
2009-10 Boston Celtics
2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers
2009-10 Toronto Raptors
2010-11 Boston Celtics
2010-11 New York Knicks

by: sevin0seven