NBA2K12 Custom Roster July 24, 2012 Update
(includes cyberfaces for new players / rookies)

Features / Updates:
1) All the signings up to date and updated contracts (July 24, 2012 NBA Current Roster)
2) The New Jersey Nets are finally in Brooklyn (All the updated logos, arena and uniforms are included - The same for Bobcats; I didn't make any of those things - thanks to Mythbuster for making these wonderful patches)
3) Mike Dunlop is now the Bobcats coach, Kaleb Canales the coach of the Blazers (for some reason wasn't already done previously), Jacque Vaughn the coach of the Magic (wasn't officially named yet, but he is the clear frontrunner for the job; also I just wanted to get rid of Stan Van Gundy )
4) I changed the shoe colors for the players that were on the move over the past month, so it at least remotly resembles their team's colors
5) Made the portraits for the coaches and updated some of the old portraits
6) New CF's for Kim English by tree55292 and Festus Ezeli by Kieran
7) Some minor changes like updating some jumpshots, signature moves and other things.

I would especially like to thank DukeW74 for helping me with some thing that you can only do with a full Reditor (coach changes, teams moving, channing of the collars for jerseys), without him many changes wouldn't be possible. I hope you like it

Note: The roster now has no dots or brackets in the names so you shouldn't have any problems with saving it. Don't forget to load the roster before playing!

Roster Changes Preview / Screenshots:
NBA 2K12 Roster Update PC John Leuer to Cleveland Cavaliers
John Leuer to Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA 2K12 Roster New Coach of Portland Blazers - Coach Kalen Canales
New Coach of Portland Blazers - Coach Kalen Canales

NBA 2K12 New Players Changes Marco Belinelli to Chicago Bulls
Marco Belinelli to Chicago Bulls

NBA 2K12 New Coaches Updates New Coach of Charlotte Bobcats - Coach Mike Dunlap
New Coach of Charlotte Bobcats - Coach Mike Dunlap

NBA 2K12 Rosters PC Randy Foye to Utah Jazz
Randy Foye to Utah Jazz

By: davoor

How to Install Roster Update:
1. Download the latest NBA 2K12 Roster Update.
2. Extract/Unrar the file.
3. Copy the "Roster.ROS" file.
4. Start > Run > Type : %AppData% then press Enter
    or just go to: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming
5. Open 2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Saves
6. Overwrite the file.
7. Play NBA 2K12
8. Go to Options > Load / Save > Load the Roster